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Smooth Fitness Treadmills Are Built Tough

To find the best treadmill for you, ask yourself a few questions: Why do I need a treadmill? For me, what's the benefit of a treadmill vs. other fitness equipment?

On a treadmill, you can avoid common outdoor running and walking hazards like traffic, air pollution, uneven roads, and inclement weather, often with the added benefit of your home's climate control and entertainment like TV and music to keep you occupied while you exercise.

Treadmills can offer a vast variety of cardio experiences, including resistance, incline, and tech features like an LCD TV or virtual training programs. A treadmill can help you regulate your pace and will provide a smooth, even running surface. Apartment dwellers (and anyone else with nearby neighbors) will love our quiet, unobtrusive motors. Fitness enthusiasts across the country can benefit from using a treadmill; wherever you're located, a Smooth Fitness™ treadmill is a great addition to your workout routine.