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Personal Trainer Programs Feature 30 Min

COMPLETE 30 Minute Series: These workouts involve maintaining your heart rate at an aerobic level while performing resistance training exercises. Each routine provides both an outstanding aerobic and muscle toning workout. By moving quickly from one exercise to the next and performing strategically placed exercises to control your heart rate, you'll be toning muscles while working in your cardio-fat burning heart rate zone.

Personal Trainer Programs Feature In 7

IN-7 Training Series: Just 7 minutes is all it takes to feel the burn in the muscles you're working! These targeted routines are a great addition to any workout. Each workout can be used individually to work problem areas, or they can be combined for a total body burn.

Personal Trainer Programs Feature Eating Plan

Fat Burning Eating Plan: Also included with this program is Jim Bompensa's Fat Burning Eating Plan. This is a way of eating - it's not a diet. When you begin this plan, you'll be amazed at how unrestrictive food choices are. This approach has proven to be effective in fat burning and weight loss and there are no calories or points to count - EVER. Jim keeps it simple to lead to your success.

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