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In 7 Video Training Series Feature Abs 7

Abs in 7: No body part has become more synonymous with fitness than the mid section. With tight abs, you'll show the world you're dedicated to fitness. Jim demonstrates effective mat exercises designed to tone and strengthen your obliques and upper and lower abdominals.

In 7 Video Training Series Feature Arms 7

Arms in 7: In many instances, your arms are the first body part people see. Make sure that first impression is a good one. Using a resistance band, Jim shows you how to isolate and tone the biceps and triceps and create strong, sleek arms.

In 7 Video Training Series Feature Glutes 7

Glutes in 7: We all want to look good both coming and going. Make sure you look good from all angles. Get out your exercise mat, as Jim guides you through a session of targeted exercises using gravity and body resistance to tone the muscles of the butt and hips.

In 7 Video Training Series Feature Legs 7

Legs in 7: The power to perform most daily functions starts with strong legs. Through a series of leg exercises using your own body resistance, Jim instructs you on how to shape and tone your thighs.

In 7 Video Training Series Feature Shoulders 7

Shoulders in 7: Strong, lean shoulders provide a sleek, sexy upper body appearance. With a resistance band, Jim coaches you through fast-paced exercises designed to strengthen your shoulders, upper back and chest.

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