Smooth Fitness to Launch aeroSling

Revolutionary German-Engineered Fitness Product Uses Bodyweight-Resistance Technology for a Full Gym Workout At Home or On the Go

King of Prussia, PA (October 5, 2010) – Smooth Fitness, the number one online retailer of home exercise equipment, announced the October exclusive launch of aeroSling ELITE in the United States.  aeroSling ELITE uses bodyweight-resistance technology to give fitness enthusiasts a complete gym workout at home or on the road.  A modular, flexible piece of fitness equipment, aeroSling ELITE by Smooth Fitness takes bodyweight-resistance training to a new level with its superior quality, compact, take-anywhere ease and a pulley system allowing for a fuller range of motion than current bodyweight products.

aeroSling ELITE is the latest and most innovative product in the bodyweight-resistance exercise obsession sweeping the nation. According to the American Council on Exercise, functional training workouts are one of the top ten fitness trends for 2010. 

“The aeroSling represents the next generation of bodyweight-resistance equipment, with its innovative pulley system that allows for a multitude of new exercises to train every muscle group with a greater range of motion,” said William Olson, President and CEO of Smooth Fitness. “It truly is a trip to the gym in one small mesh bag, and can even be incorporated into yoga and pilates.”

German-engineered materials used in mountaineering equipment make up the modular aeroSling. The aeroSling uses a person’s bodyweight as resistance, while strengthening core muscles.  The equipment can be used on doors, hooks or even outdoors on trees.  By anchoring the device at different heights and adjusting a person’s distance from the anchor point, people at all fitness levels can use aeroSling.

“I use the aeroSling with clients of all ages and fitness levels,” said Ray Jones, trainer at Philadelphia Sports Club in Radnor, Pa. “Ranging from beginners to professional athletes, the equipment is easy to use and condenses a two-hour workout in the gym to just 35-45 minutes.”

Another use for the aeroSling is in partner training – two people can use the equipment to work together by creating manual resistance, good not just for motivation, but also for those with injuries.

To go along with the aeroSling’s mobile design, Smooth Fitness designed workout videos that can be taken on the go.  Instead of a DVD to accompany the equipment, a special YouTube video channel will feature William Olson, president and CEO of Smooth Fitness and Ray Jones, a certified personal trainer, using the aeroSling to demonstrate all of its exercises.  A person can watch the videos on their mobile phone while using the aeroSling outdoors, or on their laptop while travelling, allowing them to take and use the aeroSling everywhere they go. 

aeroSling ELITE by Smooth Fitness, launching mid-October, will be available for purchase exclusively through Smooth Fitness at



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