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by Larry Jacobs
Reprint from Traders World, a popular magazine for stock traders.

It's very important that you get some sort of exercise to relieve your trading stress. There are many different ways to get exercise. Walking is on of the best choices to relieve stress. W.D. Gamm, one of the most famous traders of all time, walked every evening for an hour or more when he was on Wall Street. He felt that it was necessary to his success. Walking outside year round is not always practical due to inclement weather. Probably the best way to get your walking exercise is to go out and buy a treadmill and use it on a regular basis. You should walk or run on it 3 to 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. You'll find that it will relieve your stress, improve your circulation alertness. You'll also loose weight an inches around your waist. It's very important that you be committed to exercising on this treadmill. You need to do this the rest of your life.

Buy a treadmill that is quiet, has good cushioning and that will last a long time. I went out and shopped for a treadmill at many of the local businesses in our city. I found many treadmills at the local discount stores. These treadmills were priced under a $1,000. They were cheaply made, noisy and I found out they break down constantly. The treadmills I found at the local exercise stores were on the other hand, high quality national brands and were very expensive. A good treadmill at one of these places can run as much as $4,000 to $10,000. I also checked on the Internet and found the same national brands on an Internet site selling them at about 40-45% below what some of the local exercise stores were selling them at. They also show a side by side comparison and rating chart of the various brands to help you in your selection. Their name is TreadmillByNet. Joe Alter is the president of the company and has been selling treadmills for the last 18 years. They also make several models of their own, called Smooth Treadmills, which have received high praise from top fitness reviewers. What Treadmill-By-Net has done is taken the best features out of the national brands and put them into their Smooth brand to give you an extremely competitive machine. On a price comparison basis none of the national brands could compete with the Smooth brand.

I ordered the 9.2 HRC treadmill with the 20" belt. The 20" belt is more desirable over the 18" belts if you plan to run on it someday. It had a list price of $2,500 (HRC model with AB belt) and compares to national brands of $4,500. It also has a 10-year motor warranty, which is above most everything else on the market. I found it to be quiet with excellent cushioning. They even have an extra thick aeropedic belt if you want more cushioning.

The HRC stands for heart rate control. That means that I strap a belt around my chest, which remotely sends a signal to the console. I can see my heart rate monitored continuously on the console. The treadmill will raise or lower its elevation to automatically keep my heat rate at its preset level.

I have used the treadmill now for the past three months. I set it to run for 30 minutes at my preset heart zone to get my body into its' maximum aerobic condition. I do this three times a week. I have lost twenty pounds of weight, feel better and I am more alert analyzing and trading the market than ever before.

The Smooth 9.2HRC treadmill comes highly recommended and is a good investment, which will give you dividends of health in the future.


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