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Reprint from Exercise for Men Only

People come in different shapes and sizes and have various fitness goals. Consequently, they require different features in equipment. Treadmills are no exception to this rule: A tall individual probably looks for a stretch model. A heavier person may consider a larger motor. Others may want a heart rate control option to monitor and control their treadmill workouts.

Smooth Fitness is the premiere source providing customized treadmills on demand. Rather than settling for store inventory, shoppers can go online and select preferred treadmill options to fit their individual needs. When the order is received the custom treadmill is built in the factory and shipped directly to the consumer. Better still, selling online and factory direct eliminates costs associated with retail costs and state taxes.

For those concerned about buying online, all sales come with a 30-day money back guarantee and one year in-home repair warranty. Customize your own personal treadmill at

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