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The Inquirer - January 2014
The Inquirer - Take heart, all you baby boomers who have let the years pass without a commitment to toning your abs and thighs or challenging your cardiovascular system.In a Montgomery County office park, a small band of product developers at Smooth Fitness L.L.C. has your back. Your glutes, too, and anything else on your aging frame that might need some help.
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Fox Business September 2013
Fox Business Small Business Center While some workers head for the gym during their lunch break, others are now working out in the office.
The treadmill desk, which features a desk on top of a treadmill, is becoming increasingly popular in offices across the country, according to manufacturers who say their sales of the innovative exercise machine are going through the roof.
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Indulge April 2008
Indulge Magazine feature on the Agile DMT Elliptical"Forget about plateauing," says Indulge magazine of the Agile DMT in its feature on high-end fitness equipment.  Indulge magazine is produced by the Fort Worth Star Telegram and is targeted at upscale consumers who wish to keep abreast of the latest affluent lifestyle trends. 

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Men's Health March-April 2008

Men's Health Magazine feature on the Elliptical Trainer Agile DMTMen's Health gave away one Agile DMT to accompany their endorsement of this extraordinary machine. "While standard elliptical machines only offer one limited motion, the Agile DMT trainer offers twelve different motions with twenty intensity levels. A stronger heart, better balance and a great cardio workout all wrapped in one with this revolutionary fitness machine."

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Boca Raton Observer 2008 Gear Guide
Boca Raton Observer feature on the Agile Elliptical MachineThe Boca Raton Observer kicked off 2008 with an entire issue dedicated to fitness and wellness. In their 2008 compilation of must-have fitness gear, the Agile DMT represents the latest and greatest among indoor exercise machines. This "revolutionary" piece of equipment "produces dramatic cardiovascular and muscle-toning results in only a few short weeks."

View the Boca Raton Observer feature here (PDF).
Maxim Magazine 2007 Holiday Gift Guide
Maxim Magazine feature on the Agile DMT ellipticalMoments after hitting the market, the Agile Dynamic Motion Trainer caught the attention of Maxim. Featured in the 2007 Holiday Gift Guide, the editors hailed the Agile's capacity to provide "all of the cardiovascular benefits of an elliptical trainer, along with the benefits of squats, lunges, and crunches—all in one workout."

View the Maxim feature here (PDF).
Family Circle Magazine - 75th Anniversary
Family Circle gives away Smooth CE 7.4 elliptical machine

One lucky reader of the September 2007 issue received a Smooth CE 7.4 Elliptical as part of the magazine's 75th Anniversary Celebration. "Having your own exercise equipment means foul weather won't foil your exercise plans..."

View the Family Circle feature here (PDF).


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