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My partnership with Smooth Fitness is about far more than "selling products." We're out to revolutionize how you think about fitness, how the country pursues fitness and empowers healthier, happier lives for millions. You have my word that, together, Smooth Fitness and I will continue to break the mold of traditional fitness companies and defy our limits to give you the ultimate in home fitness equipment and all the tools to help your achieve your fitness goals. I hope you find these articles helpful as you begin or continue your journey.

Cardio Circuit Training

If you're a fitness buff, I'm sure you've heard of cardio circuit training. It's one of my favorite ways to kick things up a notch and challenge my...

Staying Motivated With a Busy Schedule

In this busy world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and ready to give up. So how can you stay motivated with a busy schedule like yours? One of the first things...

Walk Your Way to Weight Loss & Good Health

Sure, you've been walking since you were a tiny tot. It comes naturally to you now, so you rarely give it much thought. Did you know, though, that walking is one of ...
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