Virtual-Reality Outdoor Workouts & Trainer with mySMOOTH

See & feel the experience of working out in exotic places - without leaving home


FREE downloadable app
  • Tablet-based fitness controls
  • Your machine's speed controls the video speed
  • Incline & resistance simulates video landscape
  • Requires Smooth Sync to match video speed to machine speed
Virtually workout in
Over 50 Exotic Locations
  • American Southwest
  • Swiss Alps
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Northern Italy
Pair your tablet & MySmooth
Smooth Sync Bluetooth Module
Sync the video speed to your machine's speed

Easily installed in less than 10 min
On Sale - Only $170

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The app is FREE and available through the iTunes store and Android Market. Exercise with virtual videos that take you to spectacular locales around the world. The videos are not computer-generated or snap shots of landmarks but actual first person video, shot by people running and hiking. Filmed with Imax©- like technology complete with natural sound effects, you are able to immerse yourself in incredible experiences such as running through the Swiss Alps or hiking around Crater Lake. As the terrain changes in the videos so does the equipment's inclination or resistance. Pick up the pace or slow down and experience Smooth Sync which synchronizes the video speed to your speed. Multiple user profiles are available to store several users' personal information such as height, weight, gender and age for individual workouts and results tracking. The workout history is recorded allowing you to compare today's progress to this week's progress, month to date and last month's progress and even the year to date progress. You will be able to view your progress against fitness milestones. You can watch your favorite movies and listen to your favorite music during the workout. The MySmooth heads-up display allows consumers to safely watch videos but still have visibility to workout statistics and equipment controls, so you will never lose sight of your goals. Includes a very large library of standard workout programs To enhance the audio visual experience, consumers can connect their tablets to their big screen TVs. The high quality video feed provides a crisp, clear "as if you were there" experience. You can charge your tablet while using it on your machine so it is ready to use after you have completed your workout.
How to set up mySmooth:

Download the mySmooth application
The app is FREE and available through the iTunes store and the Android Market.

Purchase the Smooth Sync Bluetooth Module
The Smooth Sync allows you to immerse yourself in spectacular places around the world. The equipment's incline or resistance changes as the landscape changes and you are able to speed up or slow down the pace which synchronizes the video speed to your speed.

Install Smooth Sync
The Smooth Sync can be installed easily by anyone into the back of the equipment's console in less than 10 min. (installation instructions included)

Pair your Tablet
Connect to the mySmooth enabled equipment and begin your fitness journey around the world.
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