Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

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By continuously monitoring your heart rate, the wireless heart rate chest strap provides you with the most accurate pulse reading for the best possible training on your treadmill or elliptical trainer. These hands-free devices make it easy to get the maximum effectiveness out of your workout routine. Getting into and keeping in your target heart rate zone just got easier.

Make every workout count with the easy to convenient accessories found at Smooth Fitness, such as the polar fitness watches and the wireless heart rate monitor strap. Try one today and feel the difference.






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"It's okay, but it looses its connection regularly. I liked till I could no longer get it to give me a reading. I lost 80 lbs and can no longer use it. I thought it was because I was so overweight, but it still does not work. I think the sensor does not quite register my heart rate."

Date: Jan 01, 2014 Reviewer: riversen Location: Boston Source: Smooth Reviews
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