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Use out target heart rate calculator to figure out what your target heart rate during aerobic exercise needs to be, you must first determine what your resting pulse is. In order to do that you must sit at rest for at least 5 minutes before checking your pulse. To find your pulse, follow these steps:

1Step 1 - Turn your left hand palm-side up, then place the first two fingers of your right hand along the outer edge of your left wrist just below where your wrist and thumb meet.
Step 2 - Slide your fingers toward the center of your wrist. You should feel the pulse between the wrist bone and the tendon.
Step 3 - Press down with our fingers until you feel your pulse. Do not press too hard, or you will not be able to feel the pulsation. Feel free to move your fingers until the pulse is easiest to feel.
Step 4 - Using a clock with a second hand or a stop watch, count the number of times you feel your pulse beat after a minute. You can save time by counting over 30 seconds and doubling the result. This is your resting heart rate.

Now enter your age, resting heart rate and level of activity in the fields below to determine what your target heart rate at exercise should be.


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