Treadmill Incline Training

You know that invigorating feeling you get when walking uphill…how your heart begins to race, and your breathing becomes faster and more labored?  You can practically feel those calories being burned!  Such are the benefits of incline training on a treadmill.

Exercising on an incline is a great way to increase the intensity of your workout without having to increase the speed and without a lot of impact on your body.  Your heart rate is more effectively raised when engaging in incline training, thereby producing better cardio results.  There are other benefits, too! 

What additional benefits can be reaped through incline training on a treadmill?

Uphill Walking Indoors

Walking uphill outdoors can be a pleasant experience if circumstances are just right.  Using the incline feature on a treadmill simulates walking (or jogging/running) uphill outdoors.  However, when taking that walk or jog on a treadmill, circumstances you may face outdoors don’t have to be an issue.  You do not have to worry about extreme weather conditions.  You don’t have to deal with terrain, allergies, aggressive animals, poison ivy, or any other possible safety or health concerns.  You get to enjoy the safety and comfort of exercising indoors in a controlled environment!

Work Those Muscles!

Power-walking or jogging on a flat surface can work the lower body muscles fairly well.  Add an incline to your workout, however, and different muscles will be targeted…ensuring that the entire lower body gets a great workout.  More efficiently working the muscles leads to faster results.  You’ll soon notice that your legs, glutes, and lower abs are becoming stronger and firmer. 
Calf muscles are stretched more on an incline, as well, making your calves appear longer and leaner.

Burn Those Calories!

It takes longer to burn calories when working on a flat surface than it does when exercising on an incline.  You challenge the body more when engaging the incline feature on a treadmill.  As you increase your heart rate, you crank up the number of calories burned.  With regular incline training on your treadmill, you’ll be able to shed any excess pounds and keep them off!  Your metabolism will improve, so that it will continue to work well, even when you’re at rest.


When you walk or run outdoors, your body has to absorb all the impact of each step that you take.  (With each step taken while running, the impact is two to three times the body weight of the runner!)  Repeating this impact over and over during each exercise session can really cause considerable stress to the back, hips, and legs.  Such stress can result in injury. 

Incline training on a treadmill, on the other hand, eliminates much of the impact that walking or running outdoors produces.  You get great benefits from your workouts while minimizing the risk of bodily injury!

Get Fit Through Incline Training on a Treadmill

Pretty much anyone who can walk can get fit through incline training on a treadmill.  Simply engage the incline feature and start walking (or running, if you prefer).  Consistent incline training will improve your cardio health, your metabolism, and your over-all well-being.  You’ll look fitter, and you’ll feel stronger and healthier!

Note: Before beginning any exercise program, it is recommended that you consult with your physician.  This is especially important if it has been awhile since you were regularly active.

Written by Cyndi Water, Fitness Researcher and Writer

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