Get Fit For Your High School Reunion

When you first find out, you're so excited at the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and to relive high school memories… until it hits you. "Ugh." Then you begin to dread your high school reunion because you don't think you're thin enough or because you're not as fit as you were in your younger days. Regardless of whether you have months or weeks until the big day, you can lose weight and get fit just in time to meet up with your old classmates with these five training secrets.

Lose Weight And How To Look Thinner
If you need to lose a lot of weight for your high school reunion, consider cutting out foods that cause bloating instead of drastically cutting back on calories. Stay away from grains and sugar, opting for fresh veggies and fruits because they are digested easily and will decrease the amount of water retention you experience.

Another tip is to get a body toning wrap before the reunion. A body wrap can pull out the water naturally held by your skin cells. This deflates the skin cells, creating a temporary slimmer you. While the wraps work well on any part of the body, they are especially effective for arms and legs.

Elliptical Cardio And Treadmills
The possibilities of what can be achieved with aerobic training are amazing. By simply adding cardio activity for thirty minutes to your day, you can achieve a tremendous increase in physical tone, speed, endurance, and weight loss. While most people believe weight training is the only way to gain muscle, treadmills and elliptical training can help you get fit and will give you firm thighs, toned calves, and head turning buttocks.

Strength Training Can Quickly Add Muscle
Another way to get fit quickly is with focused, targeted strength training. Do some careful research to find the exercises that target your problem areas and purchase several free weights. Free weights, or hand weights, in the right weight will accommodate almost any type of training exercise and they are inexpensive.

It is important not to overdo it with strength training. You can hurt yourself if you try to lift weights that are too heavy and it is counterproductive to building muscle as you are really just straining muscle with heavy weights. The right weights and training exercises done daily can work quick wonders in helping you gain muscle.

Buy Cardio Equipment For Home
Having cardio equipment in your own home will help you immensely in getting ready for your high school reunion. This is because most people don't necessarily have a lack of desire to work out, they usually have a lack of time. Since your local gym may not be open during the hours you have to work out, it is a great idea to purchase your own treadmills or elliptical training equipment. Not only is owning Smooth Fitness cardio equipment more convenient, you'll save an incredible amount of money when you consider the cost of a gym membership. The savings become exponentially lower as you consider the cost of every family member's gym membership.

Get Outside
You can also get fit and lose weight by getting outside. Change up your workouts on treadmills or ellipticals by getting outside and going for a run. Choose an area with variations in terrain for a more effective workout. For example, instead of choosing an area that is all flat, consider running where there are both hills and flat areas so you can gain muscle and lose weight in the great outdoors.

You can do a lot to lose weight and gain muscle before your high school reunion with these five tips. If you need an extra motivation, just think about the jaws that will drop when you walk into the room looking fabulous thanks to these five training secrets.


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