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Ever-climbing temperatures, kids off from school, swimsuit season – the beginning of summer means something different for everyone. And regardless of whether you'll be embracing or dreading the aforementioned associations with entering into the hottest time of the year, Smooth Fitness clients leading active lifestyles are probably at least looking forward to summer's outdoorsy activities. So with strings of beautiful days very close on the horizon, it might be tempting to forget about your home fitness equipment until the leaves start falling in autumn – but don't break out the dusty old sheets to cover up your treadmill just yet. The Smooth Fitness team wants to remind you that home fitness equipment should have a place in your life, regardless of what it says on the calendar!

Whether you're a speed walker or a marathoner, anyone who works out on a treadmill has experienced what we at Smooth Fitness refer to as "treadmill burnout." It's easy to feel like a hamster on a wheel when you're forced to work out indoors every day during the long, cold months of winter. Who wouldn't be chomping at the bit to trade in the whirr of the treadmill belt for sunshine and blue skies? Well, we don't suggest staying cooped up in your basement every time you work out over the summer, but pounding the pavement too hard too soon can have serious consequences for your muscles, joints, and overall fitness.

Since the treadmill keeps your pace for you, it pushes you to do your best without giving you more than you can handle – a trap that's easy to fall into when you're out on the open road. And since a treadmill's soft belt provides cushioning for your knees, it protects your muscles and joints from the irreversible damage and sidelining injuries that often result from the consistent shock of hard concrete. The same goes for an elliptical trainer, which allows you to build your endurance and hone your running form in a safe, low-impact environment.

In addition to increasing the potential for joint damage and injury, running or walking – and biking, swimming, hiking, or rollerblading, for that matter – outside during the summer can also increase your risk for element-related hazards like heatstroke, especially if water fountains are not strategically positioned along your exercise route. (Getting caught in a sudden unexpected downpour is no picnic, either!) So feel free to soak up the sun, but throw in a few cardio sessions on the treadmill or elliptical trainer at least a couple of times a week to make sure your body stays in tip-top shape this summer.

Even if you've adopted an ultra-safe way to complete all your cardio workouts outdoors this summer – like always sticking to dirt trails, carrying a water bottle with you at all times, and never mounting a bike without your helmet – you'll need more than just cardio to keep your body fit. More muscle mass equals a more efficient metabolism, so resistance training is an essential component of any good exercise routine. It's unlikely that you'll be able to work any real strength training into your outdoor activities, but luckily, it's easy when you invest in a few key home fitness accessories from Smooth Fitness! From ab wheels to kettle bells, the fitness accessories available at Smooth Fitness are all portable conveniently sized, so you can take them along on any of your summertime outdoor adventures to give your body is the comprehensive workout it deserves.

The bottom line is that wherever you live, home exercise is not only valuable but necessary for staying in shape year-round. Do your health and wellness a favor by sticking to your home exercise routine, no matter what temptations summer throws your way!

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