Why Exercise Bikes Help You Stay fit and Healthy

Being healthy and fit is an important part of living the best quality of life possible. Your health is tied to everything from the way you interact with your family to the effort you put into your job to the way you spend your leisure time. There are many kinds of exercise equipment you could use to workout, all of which have their own benefits. If you're looking for a piece of equipment that will burn calories while being gentle on the knees, an exercise bike will get the job done.

Burn, Baby Burn!

If fitting into your skinny jeans is something you're looking forward to, stationary biking can get you that much closer to your goal. Since the only way to get rid of excess weight is to burn more calories than you take in, exercising enough to create a calorie deficit is a must. If you peddle on a stationary bike at moderate speed, you can burn about 300 calories every half hour. The faster you move your legs, the more calories you can burn. If you decide to peddle at a slower pace, you'll burn fewer calories.

Oh, My Aching Joints

If you are suffering with messed up knee joints, an exercise bike is the ideal piece of equipment to have in your home. Since you are sitting down the entire time, you won't place any impact on your already fragile knee joints. The best part is that you can protect your knees without sacrificing the quality or intensity of your workout.

It's All About the Tone

Do you remember the old stocking commercial that said, “Nothing beats a great pair of legs?” If you ride your exercise bike long enough, you'll find out for yourself that the advertisers who created the commercial were right. One of the inevitable side effects of riding an exercise bike is a nice, toned set of legs. You can even tone your arms by holding on to the handle bars.

You'll get better results if you frequently turn up the resistance on your bike. Resistance forces your muscles to work harder and get stronger. The more muscle tone you have, the more calories your body will burn at rest.

It's a Good Feeling

Stationary biking triggers the brain to release endorphins and other “feel good” hormones that help relieve depression symptoms, ease stress and make you feel happier. In addition to an improved mental state, biking helps relieve sluggishness by boosting your energy levels.

Strength to Endure

The more you ride your bike, the stronger your heart and lungs will get. Your endurance will improve and you'll find everyday tasks easier to do. Also, you'll be able to go longer and harder when you workout. If losing weight is important, having the stamina to push through each workout will help you achieve your goals.

Variety is the stuff long-lasting workouts are made of. To get the most out of exercising on your stationary bike, combine it with weight training and other forms of cardio such as elliptical training and swimming.
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