Elliptical Machine is Great for Those Bad Knees

Elliptical Machine is Great for Those Bad Knees

If you truly enjoy a good workout, it is frustrating to have a knee injury. Putting a brace on the injury doesn't necessarily help the knees and can cause even more internal damage. For most workouts, the lower body is a main contributor to cardiovascular health, from running to team sports.

From arthritis to meniscus damage, there are numerous knee injuries that affect a typical workout. Aside from finding a swimming pool to create an impact-free workout, an elliptical machine is an affordable and clever way to exercise your heart and stay in shape.

  • Comfortable Leg Motion

When you jog, your legs move in a circular motion, but your feet strike and push off the ground with great impacts to the knees. Picture yourself on an elliptical machine. As your legs move in a circular motion, there is no abrupt jolt to the joints.

You can conceivably cycle for hours without damaging your knees. Start the elliptical machine's resistance at the lowest level, especially if you are a beginner, and work up to more difficult resistance levels as you become more fit. Beginning a workout at a high resistance may damage your knees before you can strengthen them correctly.

Sit on the elliptical machine and adjust the seat until your legs and knees feel comfortable. You should not have to strain or stretch your legs too far as you pedal. When your legs bend in toward your body, your knees should not be bunched up at your chest; the legs should move in the same shape as a basic bicycle ride.

  • Use Those Arms

Your legs get a great workout on the machine, but your arms also contribute to cardiovascular health. Some elliptical models have stationary hand bars to provide support, especially if your knee injuries are extremely sensitive. If your body is healthy enough, look for an elliptical model with moving arm poles.

Similar to cross-country skiing, you pedal with your legs and move your arms back and forth holding the poles. When your arms and legs work together, your heart rate increases as you burn more calories. You protect the knees while taking on a challenging workout to stay healthy.

  • Knee Benefits

It is critical to use the machine correctly. If you feel uncomfortable or are in pain, ask a professional about proper adjustments. Your machine should feel like you are walking on air to successfully complete a full leg workout.

Aside from protecting your knees from further injury, elliptical models also strengthen your legs over time. You gain muscle through increasing the resistance on the machine. With strong muscles surrounding your knees, there is less pressure on the joint itself, resulting in less pain while walking or performing other activities.

Elliptical technology keeps your legs moving without damaging impacts to your knees. Try a machine for a few minutes and experience the difference. Painful jogs and frustrating workouts that fail to satisfy are behind you.

With sturdy elliptical technology, you can stay at a healthy weight and feel good during every workout.

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