Buying a Cheaper Treadmill

Before you go out and buy a cheap treadmill, remember that old adage, "you get what you pay for!" Yes, there are treadmills that don't cost a lot of money. And, if you plan on using the treadmill merely to hang your clothes on, go ahead and buy one of them! However, if you want a quality machine that will last through several years of hard use, then you probably shouldn't waste your money on one of these models.

Why Some Treadmills are Cheap

There are reasons why inexpensive treadmills are inexpensive...They are made of cheap materials and designed to be less than mediocre. These cheap machines are not meant to last long.

Cheaper model treadmills typically come equipped with limited features. Although many of Icon products come with numerous bells and whistles. But in general, a bargain treadmill components are poor quality, and they may require more maintenance than they are worth. These units may not be sturdy, and they may not provide a smooth, comfortable workout.

Although they may be marketed for walking, jogging, or running, they generally function best at a slower pace, with less pounding to the unit. You certainly wouldn't want to purchase a treadmill that didn't have a motor powerful enough to meet your workout needs. Nor would you want a machine that slipped and jerked all over the place when in use. Also be aware that some treadmill models are not intended for use by larger, heavier individuals.

Keep in mind, when shopping for a treadmill, that all treadmills are not created equally! And, the ones that you can pick up for little of nothing are generally worth practically nothing. They are cheaply made. In fact, it's seldom that you'll hear a good review about these machines from previous buyers.

Avoid Buying an Inferior Treadmill

How can you tell if you're getting a good deal on a treadmill? Of course, you don't need to spend a fortune on one! After all, you don't want to pay extra for the brand name! You simply want a quality product at a decent price. Look around at different brands and models, and compare their components, materials, features, and prices. Read reviews on these machines to learn what other people think about them. Ask questions of the sales reps and, whenever possible, get on the treadmill and try it out, yourself.

Check out the warranties, which are often indicative of the quality. A 90 day warranty usually suggests that the company does not back up their product.


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