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Niles Paul Introduction

Core stabilizers are muscles that attach from the pelvis to the spine and enable you to maintain proper alignment of the trunk and hips as you move. The proper function and strength of these muscles is especially critical during movements that require twisting, turning, accelerating and decelerating. When your extremity muscles (arms and legs) become strong and these core stabilizers are weak it can lead to inefficient movement and injury. Many of the currently popular Cross Training programs in the fitness industry do not properly address the need to develop stability of the core before including more advanced strength and plyometric exercises. These improper progressions are likely to lead to injury and ultimately failure to reach your goals. , ,

Additionally, cardio training just like resistance training requires establishing a baseline before engaging in advance training techniques. Proper progression is critical to avoid overtraining and/or injury.

The Smooth Progressive Cross Training System is an innovative and comprehensive cross-training program based on research evidence and provides superior results via a safe and progressive protocol. By following this systematic and progressive model, you will be able to safely and effectively condition, strengthen and develop your body to look, feel, and perform better.

The Smooth system will help you build higher levels of functional strength, reduce body fat, increase lean muscle, improve cardiorespiratory strength, and improve athletic performance.

Smooth Progressive Cross-Training Model
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