Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Many people choose to buy exercise bikes when looking for a convenient, low-impact cardio workout. Smooth Fitness has many exercise bikes to fit any workout style or budget, and no matter which bike you choose, you're sure to reap the advantages of a complete aerobic workout. Exercise bikes are usually easy to use and have proven to be effective at raising the heart rate, developing cardiovascular fitness, and burning calories while limiting the impact on knees and leg joints.

Fitness Advantages with Exercise Bikes

The main advantage to working out with an exercise bike is that you can use it almost anywhere. Exercise bikes let you squeeze in complete cardio workouts from the comfort of your home, while watching the kids, catching up on your favorite TV show, or reading a book. During the winter and summer months, exercising outdoors can be a drag; however, with a stationary bike, you can stay fit in comfortable room temperatures.

Additionally, many places don't have sidewalks, bike lanes, or any safe place to ride a bike outdoors. With exercise bikes, you don't have to worry about dodging traffic and praying that distracted drivers don't accidentally swerve into you. These reasons, plus the fact that exercise bikes let you work out without running the risk of injuring yourself, all add up to prove that stationary bikes are a great way to stay in shape.

Tips for Buying Exercise Bikes

The first thing to consider when deciding to buy an exercise bike is the fact that bikes come in two primary forms: the traditional upright form, and the recumbent form. Upright bikes are designed to offer a simulated form of cycling with a very high seat position similar a traditional bicycle. Recumbent bikes place the body in a semi-reclining position that offers lower back support. Recumbent bikes also provide a more focused lower body workout when compared to upright bikes.

Smooth Fitness is currently offering an industry leading recumbent design that uses an elliptical design paired with a recumbent exercise bike frame to achieve a two in one type workout. This unit is called the V2300 elliptical bike and it actually provides a stepper and elliptical motion in one unit. This is a very versatile unit and is one of a kind.

Other things to consider when buying exercise bikes are resistance, feedback mechanisms, size, and warranty.

Resistance - exercise bikes have different resistance options. Direct tension resistance uses a spinning wheel and “brake” system to apply more tension to the pedals. Air resistance use varying air pressure speeds to apply resistance to flywheel. Magnetic systems use electromagnetic brakes to control how tight or lose the flywheel is against the magnets. Magnetic systems are the most accurate and sophisticated, but are also the most expensive.

Feedback mechanisms - these can provide information on speed, distance, and your body's performance. Many monitors display heart rate information, pulse, calories and fat burned, RPM, and other factors.

Size - while most bikes are very adjustable to fit almost any size, it's important to make sure the bike is right for your size and will fit into your workout room. Upright bikes take up less space than recumbent bikes.

Warranty - exercise bikes can come with a wide variety of warranties ranging from 90 days to lifetime, on certain parts. For example, parts and labor may be covered for 6 months, but the frame may last a lifetime.

Always buy an exercise bike that suits your needs. After all, buying an exercise bike is a big investment. With our tips, hopefully those considering buying an exercise bike will have an easier time with their purchase and be set to enjoy their brand new exercise bike.

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