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Agile Dynamic Motion Trainers are members of the elliptical trainer family.  Agile Dynamic Motion Trainers, however, are set apart from traditional elliptical trainers by their unique bi-concave motion.  Smooth Fitness created the Agile DMT and is the only company in the industry that makes and sells this innovative product.

Agile DMT models: the DMT X 2 elliptical trainer and DMT elliptical trainer.  The DMT models all have 12 distinct patterns of motion.  The CE models have 3 different patterns of motion. 

With any of the Agile Dynamic Motion Trainers, you can get a great total body workout that is practically impact-free.  The design of these machines eliminates most of the stress and strain to the knees and shins, making the risk of injury or long-term discomfort almost non-existent.  

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Traditional elliptical trainers use a “pushup convex” motion.  Agile Dynamic Motion Trainers use a “swing-up” motion, which follows a more natural walking or running pattern.  This swing-up motion allows the lower leg to swing naturally during the forward step.  The toes remain in front of the knee throughout this forward motion.  Stress and strain on the joints and bones are drastically reduced, eliminating long-term knee pain.

The swing-up motion of the Agile DMT allows users to experience fluid movement while working a variety of muscles.  Muscle activity in the shin area is decreased, alleviating shin stress and providing maximum comfort during workouts.
A traditional elliptical trainer creates a counter force on the knee, as the convex pattern forces the body to push the pedal.  This shearing effect is due to the improper angle of the knee.  Over time, this knee shear may cause discomfort and pain or numbness.  An Agile DMT, on the other hand, can provide a total body workout while keeping the body in line.  This prevents the shearing effect and lowers the risk of discomfort symptoms that are caused by other elliptical trainers.

Benefits of Agile Dynamic Motion Trainers

The Smooth Fitness Agile Dynamic Motion Trainers provide several exercise and fitness benefits:

  • When set on the lower levels (1-4), these machines provide a total body elliptical-style workout, focusing on no-impact aerobic benefits. 
  • The mid-levels (5-8) provide a total body workout while focusing on a balanced muscle workout on all major muscle groups. 
  • The highest levels (9-12) provide a total body workout with a focus to the abdominals, gluteus muscles, quadriceps, and arms while reducing stress on the shins.  Levels 9 through 12 are excellent settings to use for toning, firming, and tightening.
  • Agile trainers have gradual transitional movement (GTM).  Unlike the rapid, jarring transitional movement created with traditional elliptical trainers, Agile Dynamic Motion Trainers slowly transition from one movement to another.  This gradual transition allows muscles to adapt to change in motion, resulting in a smooth, fluid movement.
  • The patented design of the ergonomic pedal on the Agile DMT models allows the pedal to rotate with the natural movement of the body, eliminates impact, strengthens stabilizing muscles, and makes workouts more comfortable.  (Traditional elliptical trainers do not rotate with the natural movement of the body, causing discomfort and impact on the body.)

Features and Specifications

Although features found on Agile Dynamic Motion Trainers vary somewhat from one model to another, each model is well-built, dependable, and capable of providing an efficient total body workout in as little as 20 minutes.

Following are lists of features and specifications for each Smooth Agile Dynamic Motion Trainer:


Smooth Agile DMT X2 Elliptical

  • 12 Motion Levels and 16 Intensity Levels – Constantly challenge your body with 12 distinct ranges of motion and 16 intensity levels.  Muscles won’t have a chance to adapt.  Strength and endurance can improve indefinitely. 
  • Resistance Adjustment – Electromagnetic brake system
  • Self-pivoting (Articulating) Pedals with Cushions – Articulating pedals adjust to the natural motion of your body.  The shock-absorbing cushions eliminate impact and reduce stress and strain to the joints and feet.
  • Five Custom Programs – Create your own workout programs that challenge and motivate you to reach your fitness goals.
  • Nine Preset Programs – Mix up your workouts by alternating among the nine built-in programs.  Your body will stay challenged, and you will avoid exercise boredom.  The programs include Manual, Target Distance, Target Time, Target Calories, Fat Burning, Interval Intensity, Interval Motion Endurance, Watts Control, and Heart Rate Control.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Control and Handgrip Pulse Sensors – Use the wireless chest strap and let the elliptical trainer automatically adjust the intensity of your workouts based upon your selected maximum heart rate.  If you prefer, you may monitor your heart rate through the handgrip sensors in the handlebars.  Use the wireless sensor and the handgrip sensors together to get the most accurate reading possible.
  • Multi-color LCD Display – The multi-color LCD display is clear and easy to read.  It shows resistance profile, motion profile, RPM, speed, time, distance, calories burned, program level, watts, and pulse rate.
  • iPod Docking Station with Speakers – Workouts can be more enjoyable while listening to music.  Just plug your iPod into the built-in docking station and jam to your favorite tunes.  (Not compatible with iPhone.)
  • Thumb Control Handgrips – Change the intensity and motion of your workouts simply and easily by sliding your thumb across the infrared sensor.  You don’t even have to take your hands off the handlebars!
  • Built-in Adjustable Fan – Choose from three speeds on this built-in adjustable fan to enjoy a refreshing breeze of cool air.  Workouts will be more comfortable and pleasant.
  • Maximum Pause Time – 3 minutes
  • Maximum Workout Time – 99 minutes
  • Maximum User Weight – 350 lbs.
  • Unit Weight – 223 lbs.
  • Floor Level Adjustment – Stabilize the unit with the floor level adjustment to ensure smooth, steady operation.
  • Transport Wheels – Attached wheels come in handy when you need to move the elliptical machine to another location.
  • Unit Dimensions – 74” L x 32” W x 63” H
  • Frame Materials – 11-gauge powder-coated steel
  • Color Configuration – Glossy white with gray accents
  • Power Supply – AC 110V input


Smooth Agile DMT Elliptical

  • 12 Distinct Patterns of Motion and 20 Intensity Levels – No matter what your fitness level, you can always get a challenging workout on the Agile DMT elliptical machine.  The 12 ranges of motion go from the standard elliptical mode to the fully-extended Agile mode.  Twenty intensity levels allow you to work as easy or as hard as you desire.
  • Articulating, Shock-Absorbing Foot Pedals – These pedals follow the natural movement of the body and cushion the foot to protect the body against strain and stress.
  • Patented Life Touch Thumb Control – Your hands never have to leave the handlebars to change the intensity or motion of your workouts!  Simply slide your thumb across the infrared sensor to make those adjustments.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Control – Wear the chest strap to let the unit automatically adjust the intensity of your workouts to keep you within the designated heart rate range.  There are also built-in pulse sensors in the handlebars for monitoring your pulse.
  • Resistance Adjustment – Electromagnetic brake system
  • Nine Preset Programs – Choose from these nine preset workout programs to diversify your exercise sessions, to prevent exercise boredom, and to continuously challenge your body to perform and improve.  The programs include Manual, Target Distance, Target Time, Target Calories, Interval, Endurance, Watts Control, Fat Burning, and Heart Rate Control.
  • Five Window LED Display – Monitor the progress of your workouts on this easy-to-read LED console.
  • Maximum Pause Time – 3 minutes
  • Maximum Workout Time – 99 minutes
  • Transport Wheels – This machine is quite heavy, so the transport wheels are truly a necessity to wheel it from one point to another.  Even with the aid of the transport wheels, however, you probably won’t want to move this one around very often.
  • Floor Level Adjustment
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Unit Dimensions – 73” L x 31” W x 65” H
  • Unit Weight – 390 lbs.
  • Maximum User Weight – 400 lbs.
  • Frame Materials – 11-gauge powder-coated steel
  • Power Supply – AC 110V input
  • Unit Color – Glossy metallic black, red, silver



All five Agile Dynamic Motion Trainers are rear drive.  These machines are made with high-quality, oversized sealed bearings at the pivot points, which require no maintenance.  They also have self-aligning sealed bearings which require no maintenance.  Together, the two types of bearings ensure smooth Agile motion, quiet operation, maximum life, and superior durability.  There are no bushings to lubricate and no rollers or tracks to clean or replace.


You can’t go wrong with any of the Smooth Fitness Agile Dynamic Motion Trainers.  Each model is a quality machine that is backed by an industry leading parts warranty and a two-year in-home labor warranty.  Deciding which one to buy will depend upon how much money you want to spend and which model best meets your personal needs.

Smooth Agile DMT ellipticalThis model is like the Lexus of the Agile trainers.  It has the capacity to accommodate users up to 400 pounds.  It is loaded with great features.  It weighs almost 400 pounds, so you can be sure that it is a solid, durable machine.  With 12 biomechanically correct levels of motion and 20 intensity levels, you can increase your strength and endurance continuously.  Try out different workout programs during each exercise session to prevent boredom and to challenge your body more.

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