Which Muscles Groups does an Elliptical Trainer Work?

Whether working out from home or exercising at a gym, a multitude of fitness equipment options exist. The elliptical trainer has become one of the most popular forms of exercise for a number of reasons. Elliptical trainers offer a low impact exercise, safe range of motion, and are affordable if you choose to get one for your home. Ellipticals are very versatile machines and enable users to exercise a wide variety of muscles groups. We hope to shed some light on what these groups are and why ellipticals are a great way to tap into these parts of the body.

Muscle groups within the lower body will be directly targeted during any elliptical workout. The downward motion of an elliptical exercise works the quadriceps. The calves are then stimulated during the upward or forward pushing motion. Also, the gluteus muscles (glutes) will be worked extensively on an elliptical machine. In fact, ellipticals are often the prescribed machine if toning up your backside is a key fitness goal for you.

Elliptical trainers also offer a strong upper body workout. Most elliptical trainers are equipped with moving hand grips that greatly improve the total body workout by providing a full upper body range of motion that flows naturally with what your legs are doing. These handles allow users to tone the pectorals, biceps, triceps, and lats. This type of exercise not only improves upper body fitness but helps to burn more calories over the course of an entire elliptical workout.

The core muscles also benefit from an elliptical workout. Running in general will improve abdominal strength; however, the elliptical trainer will actually enhance this effect. When you run on dirt or concrete you lose a good bit of energy through your joints. The elliptical motion path cuts out this energy loss and forces more of a focus onto the abdominal region. In addition to the core muscles, elliptical trainers also provide a great level of heart and lung exercise which improves stamina and energy levels.

The elliptical trainer is an incredibly versatile machine that is capable of working some very important muscle groups. Many think elliptical trainers are simply low impact treadmills; but in fact elliptical trainers actually work more muscle groups than a treadmill. Whether you have a home gym or plan to head out to a gym club keep the elliptical trainer in mind for your next workout.


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