Top Ways to Break Out of Your Workout Rut

When you start feeling diminishing returns from your workouts, chances are you have fallen into a workout rut. This happens to everyone at some point or another. But don’t worry! You can easily recover from these ruts and we hope to provide you with some tips on how to do that. The first step is to take some time and analyze exactly what your routines have to offer and hopefully pin-point the weaker points that should be changed. One very common cause for a rut is not challenging your body enough.

It is important to continually challenge your body in order to avoid fitness plateaus. This does not always mean adding more weight or running more miles. It means thinking outside the box a bit when it comes to planning your workouts. Mixing up your sessions with different techniques that still work the same muscles is a step in the right direction. This same logic can be used to keep boredom at bay. For example, if you normally run/walk on a treadmill try swimming some laps, cycling, or even hiking as an alternative once or twice a week. Adding a variety of workouts that accomplish the same goal will promote a healthier lifestyle overall and keep you from slipping back into a rut.

Another way to break out of your workout rut is to increase the intensity of a workout. Muscular fitness workouts offer a great example of this. Depending on your goals you may want to increase the level of resistance or the number of repetitions or both. However, always be sure to make your increases in small increments as your body is ready for the challenge.  It is better to add challenges like steps on a staircase as opposed to huge spikes in intensity that can lead to demotivation, fatigue, or even injury.

A big cause of demotivation and eventual workout frustration can be overtraining. This is one of the fastest ways to fall into a rut. If you work your body too hard you may not be giving your muscles enough recovery time. Becoming physically and mentally drained by the frustration of being tired and weak all of the time with no results can be extremely unhealthy. The best way to cope with overtraining is to re-evaluate your workout plans. Try reducing workout intensity if you are extremely sore and even lower resistance levels if necessary. Also be sure to evaluate your diet, water intake, and sleep patterns to ensure you are giving your body what it needs to complete workouts. To avoid overtraining in the first place be sure to set realistic goals and add small bumps in intensity over time.

Workout ruts can be difficult, but there is always a method to reduce their occurrence and to break out of them. The most important thing is that you are still working out. It is better to be doing something than nothing. But, don’t be afraid to try new things and to challenge your body. Eventually you will find the right methods that work for your body and you can kiss that workout rut goodbye.


Quick Tips for Breaking out of Your Workout Rut:

-Set attainable goals.

-Track your progress.

-Find a friend to workout with.

-Build intensity gradually to avoid becoming de-motivated and over-tired.

-Setup a workout schedule and stick to it.

-Don’t punish yourself for missing a workout. Be flexible, but always get back on track.

-Add new activities into you workout routine.

-Try a group fitness routine if motivation to go to the gym is sparse.

-Remember to vary your exercises and try new things. Your body will thank you for it.

-Find ways to deal with stress, lower levels can improve workout routines.

-Listen to music or watch TV during workouts to avoid boredom.

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