The Best Elliptical Workout Machine On The Market

Elliptical Workout Machine

Don’t Make These Mistakes on Elliptical Workout Machines

Going to the gym is important for your body. You build muscle, get your heart rate up and burn fat. One of the most popular machines at the gym is always the elliptical. Most people usually use treadmills, but in truth, while they are a great workout for your body there are negative effects of using a treadmill such as high impact on the knees. An elliptical workout machine gives the same benefits as a treadmill but with little to no impact on knees and joints. Ellipticals can also increase resistance for the user which is a feature that treadmills do not have, this gives the user more options to customize their workout and get the results they want. To increase the success of your routines with an elliptical workout machine, focus on avoiding these mistakes.


Elliptical Workout Machines: Always Customize Your Workout

The best elliptical workout machine on the market has all kinds of data that you can view as you work out. This is extremely helpful because you can see your heart rate, distance, calories burned and other stats that inspire people to work out harder. Most machines aren’t calibrated for heavier individuals, but the newer elliptical machines can provide calibrations for over 400-pound users. Personalizing your stats on the elliptical machine will give you a better way to record your workouts and keep track of how many calories you are burning on average.


Elliptical Workout Machines: Don’t Resist Success

While you might feel like you are getting the work out of your life going a million steps an hour, resistance means everything. If you don’t set a resistance, your body won’t gain anything from the workout. You see bigger results in a shorter amount of time by setting resistance and building upon those levels. The resistance on elliptical workout machines is meant to help you push and pull through strides to give you a full workout. You should never feel like you could have kept going when you step off an elliptical. They are meant to make your body work hard.


Elliptical Workout Machines: Straighten Up

If you slouch, you won’t get the best workout on the machine. By standing up straight, you lengthen your body and support your abs, which allows you to strength your upper body and work your core. Pumping your arms on the elliptical can improve your posture, if your elliptical has moving handles make sure to use them. Always remember to stride straight and tall with your chest out.


Elliptical Workout Machines: Change It Up

The greatest part about this machine is that it’s never boring. If you think you are having an easy time striding forward, just reverse your stride and start stepping backward. You will feel a totally new burn that will likely work your muscle groups in places you didn’t know you had. Moving forward on the elliptical specifically works out your quad muscles, but going backward actually places more emphasis on the glutes and hamstrings. As you stride, keep a 90-degree angle with your knees and stand back slightly. This will give you the maximum range of motion and place more resistance on your core muscle groups.

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