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Feel the Burn this Summer with an “On-the-Go Arm Toning Workout!”

Summer is the time for bathing suits and sleeveless shirts.  Many of the clients at my private training studio have been requesting extra workouts to help tighten their arms. Normally, I stress the importance of a continued full body approach to fitness that works every muscle and each energy system. In addition to that, I also offer the following solution to help develop more tone in the upper arms for summer months.  I recommend that while maintaining the current exercise schedule, to add my Arms in 7 target toning workout.  This workout is short but extremely effective.  I have included a similar arm toning routine below.  It is complete with pictures. What’s great about this routine is that it can be done anywhere.  It lends itself very easily to working out on the go. The only equipment necessary is a resistance band.

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