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Use Cross Training to Beat the Heat and Stay Fit This Summer!

My home is in the North East.  As you may already be aware, we’ve been hit with a major heat wave.  The effect of this heat on the body has been multiplied by extreme humidity.  This oppressive weather has affected anyone attempting to exercise outdoors, including my outdoor fitness boot camp classes.  The participants in my class have had a difficult time keeping up with the recommended activities due to their bodies’ inability to cool itself.  My solution to this problem was to offer an alternative to the outdoor classes.  On days where the weather makes it difficult and unsafe to exercise outdoors, I move the class inside.  As you may imagine, this creates a different exercise experience.  In some ways, this change of focus makes the workout more effective.  By challenging your body with new things, you are cross training.  Cross training utilizes different workout techniques and philosophies.  In the past, many people thought that cross training was something only associated with athletes.  Now fitness enthusiasts recognize this as the method to help everyone get the most out of their exercise routine.

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