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Smooth Fitness’s SitNCycle Is In The Running in the Walmart Get On The Shelf Contest!

Fans of the SitNCycle will rejoice that this popular exercise bike has made it to the audition round of Walmart’s Get On The Shelf contest! This means it needs votes to move on to the next round, so head on over to the page and cast your vote before September 2:


You can vote once per day per product. Your votes are crucial, since the judges will be looking at products’ popularity and consumer support as indicators of their commercial viability. The more votes, the better! We know there are many people out there who love the SitNCycle just as much as Dorothy Hamill does, so get out and show your support by heading over to the contest page and vote! All you need is a Facebook login.

The Walmart Get On The Shelf promotion is a nationwide contest putting thousands of well-loved products through three rounds of voting, with finalists featured in an original Walmart web series. The ultimate prize is placing the product in Walmart stores across the country, as well as marketing support from the retail giant. The first Get On The Shelf contest launched in 2012, and was a great success: over a million votes were cast for a great batch of products. We’re excited to be a part of the contest because it involves investors, marketers, and businesses big and small, letting consumers vouch for the products they love.

If you’re passionate about promoting great exercise equipment, then hop on over and vote. Smooth Fitness appreciates your involvement and we can’t wait for what’s next to come in the process.



Take a Spin on the All-New SitNCycle by Smooth Fitness!

Trying to strengthen your core, but feel like you might scream if you have to do one more crunch? Smooth Fitness is pleased to introduce you to an all-new product that combines core, cardio and convenience in one portable package: the SitNCycle!

Although it’s technically classified as an exercise bike, the new SitNCycle utilizes a super-unique hands-free design that forces you to engage your core while you’re pedaling. Yoga and pilates fans already know how important balance is when it comes to strengthening your muscles; when you incorporate it into a cardio workout, the results are truly one of a kind. Since increasing your muscle mass makes you burn more calories when you’re simply going about your daily activities, imagine what that muscle training will do for your body while you’re already in the process of burning calories – up to 500 in just one hour on the SitNCycle, by the way, depending on your level of intensity. Now THAT’S how you get the most out of exercising at home!

Like all the best stationary bikes, the SitNCycle allows you to adjust your resistance to determine the intensity of each workout, making it the perfect piece of fitness equipment for beginners and veterans alike. But the best part about the SitNCycle is the convenience it provides anyone who is looking to buy gym equipment that they can accommodate in tight spots and tighter schedules. Since you don’t need your hands, “I’m too busy” as an excuse for skipping your workout becomes a thing of the past. Park the SitNCycle in front of the TV; pedal while catching up on your studies; move it to the computer room to check your emails. Whatever you need to get done today, the SitNCycle allows you to do it without neglecting your health and well-being.

If you’ve been searching for the best stationary bike to help you exercise at home, the SitNCycle should be at the top of your list. And if you’re feeling lost in your efforts to buy gym equipment online, you’ve already found your way! As the #1 internet retailer of home fitness equipment since 1996, Smooth Fitness is happy to provide a variety of solutions for achieving your personal health goals.

Smooth Fitness Welcomes Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill to the Family!

Just because Smooth Fitness is the #1 online retailer of home fitness equipment doesn’t mean we’re not always looking for ways to improve. And what better way to do that than with a little help from an Olympic Gold Medalist?

Smooth Fitness is thrilled to announce that Dorothy Hamill, World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, has been named a spokesperson for our home fitness equipment. While you might know her as the famous three-time U.S. National Champion in figure skating and inductee of both the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame and the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame, Hamill is also dedicated to promoting health and wellness on a slightly less glamorous level.

“I’m a big fan of lifetime fitness,” says Hamill, adding that home fitness equipment is one of the easiest ways for people to make exercise part of their daily lives. “The Smooth Fitness brand is known for its quality, and its extensive line of exercise equipment means that everyone can find a physical activity that can help them achieve their goals, whether they’re just trying to get in shape or training for a marathon.”

Hamill, who has worked with the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and the International Special Olympics, plans to participate in the sixteenth season of ABC’s hit show “Dancing With the Stars” as the partner of Irish celebrity dancer Tristan MacManus.

As an athlete, breast cancer survivor, and philanthropist, Hamill couldn’t be a more welcome addition to the Smooth Fitness family. Her leadership and commitment to lifelong fitness exemplify the Smooth Fitness mission to help people lead healthier lives, and we look forward to what this partnership will accomplish in the future!