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The Support of Loved Ones Increases Success Rate in Fitness Journey!

With Valentines Day upon us, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss how your loved ones affect your fitness journey.  The commitment to get fit and lose weight is a life changing endeavor. It will certainly be one of the most gratifying experiences of your life.  It has brought happiness to so many people and I am certain it will bring happiness to you also.  There are times when the resolve to stay fit is tested.  You may need to lean on the shoulders of your loved ones or they may need to lean on yours.

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Exercising during pregnancy sets the stage for manageable post-pregnancy weight loss

Exercise during pregnancy is a terrific way to help your body prepare for childbirth and keep from gaining excess weight during pregnancy.  It will also help you lose weight after childbirth.

If you choose to exercise during your pregnancy, there are some important guidelines that you should follow.

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