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Fitness Isn’t All Weights and Cardio: Remember Your Work in the Kitchen

No matter how hard you’ve been working to bring those chiseled abs to the surface, there’s one factor that may be working against you without you even knowing. When you get down to basics, it becomes a matter of calories in vs. calories out, but where you’re getting your calories from matters. No matter whether you prefer to use a smooth treadmill or an elliptical to get your exercise in, diet is something you should be paying very close attention to in order to properly fuel your workouts. Continue reading

10 Health and Fitness Tips for the Holidays

1. Exercise in the morning. The longer you put off your workout, the more likely you are to skip it.  Avoid this common downfall by making your workout your number one priority.  Give yourself enough time in the morning to comfortably fit in your workout.  If necessary, set your alarm early.  Beginning your day with exercise will increase your blood flow, warm up your muscles, rev your metabolism and increase your energy level for the entire day.

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