Smooth’s New Elliptical Bike V2300

Elliptical bikes are a great way to get into shape with versatile workouts that offer real-world intensity and calorie burning benefits. With the new Smooth Fitness V2300 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical Bike, these fitness benefits are available from the comfort of your home. What separates elliptical exercise bikes from traditional elliptical machines is the user position. On a traditional elliptical machine the user is standing. On an elliptical bike the user is seated in an upright or semi-recumbent position. Because of this positioning elliptical exercise bikes offer two primary benefits, low impact training and a total body workout.

Upright exercise bikes appeal to a wide range of users from seniors, to young athletes, and even marathon runners due to the low-impact benefits offered by the seated upright position. This seated position distributes the body’s weight evenly, taking a great deal of stress off lower body joints. Also, elliptical bikes provide a safe range of motion, which reduces the risk of injury, lowers fatigue, and catalyzes workout results. Elliptical bikes with a semi-recumbent design provide an even safer workout by more effectively supporting the users back, significantly reducing lower back pain.

Most exercise bikes are designed to target just the lower body. This means the user sits and pumps their legs while their upper body remains fixed to static handles, emulating a real bicycle. Other elliptical bikes, such as the Smooth Fitness V2300 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical bike, offer the best of both worlds and more. On this particular machine the user has the option to hold onto static handles (to work-out just the lower body) or the user can grab onto the hand cranks and train the upper body in addition to the lower body.

The Smooth Fitness V2300 takes the idea of versatility one step further by adding an option to quickly convert the lower body elliptical motion into a stepping motion. This brand new innovation provides the user with more options when it comes to targeting specific body zones, meaning quicker muscle toning and faster workout results. Semi-Recumbent elliptical bikes are incredibly versatile, offer a wide range of fitness/health benefits, and make a great choice for any home gym.

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