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Home Fitness Equipment

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You may be new to the workout world or an experienced loyalist, but purchasing your own home fitness equipment takes some time and research. With so many models and brands in the market, you need to select the equipment that works best for your fitness level.

If you have any injuries, those limitations should be examined as well to avoid a purchase that simply sits in a garage corner. Follow a few key strategies when you shop for fitness machines to find the best deal for your budget.


Determine Your Home Fitness Equipment Space Needs

Before you even venture out to a warehouse, or shop online, pull out your measuring tape. With a friend’s help, accurately measure your available space for the home fitness equipment. Along with the length and width of a room, also include height limits.

If you purchase a home gym with a pulldown bar, you need extra height for adequate exercising room. In fact, place a chair in the intended equipment space. Raise your arms and legs in different positions to fully evaluate the space. The machine you were eying may not fit in this area after testing it.


Resistance Or Cardiovascular Needs In Home Fitness Equipment

Take a look at your fitness goals. You may be a long-distance runner or a weightlifting enthusiast. With this information in mind, evaluate the equipment type you want to purchase. Most people do not have the space or budget for multiple machines so your final selection is an important choice.

To lose weight and strengthen your heart, select cardiovascular machines, including treadmills, exercise bikes and ellipticals. To build significant muscle bulk, a home gym with resistance cables and bench press is essential. If you want a combination of both resistance and cardiovascular exercises, most bikes and ellipticals have resistance built in as you run up the miles.


Test The Equipment

Unless you are an experienced gym member, you should try out the various machines before you make a final shopping decision. Ask your local gym about a guest pass. Many gyms offer free guest passes for one or two weeks to entice you to join permanently. Use this guest pass to try out all the different machines. Although a machine may look appealing online, hopping on the equipment may be a totally different experience. You’ll slowly find a machine that matches well with your fitness needs and overall pleasure.


Research Brands

When you find a machine that works for you, start researching brands. There are dozens of manufacturers that bring their own unique design to a standard bike, elliptical or treadmill. Features will differ, but it’s customer experiences that you want to look up. Read online reviews and even ask friends about their purchases. Friends that frequent a gym are another good source of information. There may be weight or adjustment issues you were unaware of, making your dream machine a possible frustration.


Consider Clearance Items

New machines can be expensive, especially if they are the newest released model. Instead, look for clearance items. There are many reasons why equipment is listed as clearance. It does not mean they are faulty or a bad design. Clearance items can simply be last season’s model being sold for inventory purposes, a floor display model or even a trade-in. Used items may be sold as well. Before the machine is offered to the public, it is thoroughly cleaned, adjusted and lubricated. With a small price tag, the machine can still look and feel brand new.


Examine Your Purchase

You have just decided on the perfect machine and are ready to take it home. If you are in a retail store environment, examine the machine with the salesperson. Look for any loose or broken parts, regardless if the equipment is new or used. For an online purchase, examine the parts as you pull them out of the shipping box. Take pictures of any issues you discover and discuss it with your seller. You don’t want to use a misaligned or broken machine. It may end up injuring you over time.


Seller Feedback

After you settle into your new equipment, talk about your experience with the seller, from assembly ease to workout intensity. Add any constructive comments about the equipment to online review sites. Every person has a different experience with a particular equipment piece so it is critical to add your voice to the discussions. An unknown defect may be found, allowing the manufacturer to correct the situation for other consumers.

Shopping for fitness equipment means you should evaluate your needs, budget and space. With just one machine and consistent effort, you can transform your body into a strong and healthy specimen. Your family and friends will benefit as you live a long and healthy life to inspire them to get healthy.

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