Running With Flat Feet

In a recent study it found that almost 25% of the American population has flat feet, and almost 43 Million American’s suffer from foot problems. For most people that have flat feet or (low arches) it’s extremely hard to exercise on a daily basis, and extremely difficult to run for extended periods of time. There are several ways to combat this with the use of orthotics or insoles for your shoes, but does that alleviate all your issues?

In the course of running for 1 hour you put upwards of 1 million pounds of pressure on your heels, ankles and feet. Orthotics alone are not meant to combat the affects that running can have on your feet, and are intended more to alleviate normal pains during walking and normal daily activity. So what can you do to help reduce the pain, but also be able to exercise and stay healthy?

Running Outdoors’s Alternatives

There are several alternatives. When running on hard surfaces such as concrete or pavement you incur much more resistance than you would have running on grass or dirt surfaces because hard surfaces like pavement have no give, and add more stress to your bones and joints. Running on surfaces like an asphalt track or treadmill can cut down the impact by upwards of 50% and reduce almost 500,000lbs of pressure during a 1 hour workout. So what does this mean? For those of you that don’t want to have reconstructive surgery on our feet you can invest in machines that drastically cut down the impact our feet take during a workout. Also the use of non-impact machines like elliptical trainers or stair machines can help your impact problems because you aren’t going through the same range of motion and continuous pressure with landing, planting and pushing off.

Running on Treadmills or Elliptical Machines

There are a lot of Treadmills (ones that have Im-pression Shock Absorption Cushioning System)

Ellipticals with Rear Drive (to reduce necessity to plant/pushoff causing less impact on bones and joints)

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