Quick Tips for Marathon Training

Checking off things on our bucket list feels great, but running an entire 26.2 miles can be a feat. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, keep reading to gain tips on preparing for your goal marathon.


  • Start out with Walk/Runs. Set a distance and start the workout by walking twice as long as your running sets. Gradually increase the running distance and the ratio of running to walking as you get more comfortable.
  • Prior to training for your marathon, you have to be in decent shape. Get comfortable with running at least 25 miles a week for at least 6 months.

Intermediate to Advanced

  • Cross training is your best friend. Keep your body guessing and adapting to new workouts. In between challenging your distance running, do crunches, spin, and swim.
  • Event the most experienced runner should be reminded of good follow up. Post long run recovery should include drinking 16 oz. of water for every pound lost. (Clue: weigh yourself before and after running). Also eat meal of around 1,500 calories with a combination of lean protein and complex carbs.
  • Run up hills! Running up hills puts a good about of stress on both the upper and lower body. Preparing your body now for that hill in your goal marathon will make you feel like it’s a piece of cake.
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