Is Hiring a Personal Trainer Worth It?

Personal Fitness TrainerA debate topic that often comes up in today’s fitness world is whether paying for a personal trainer is worth it. This question is difficult to answer as opinions vary depending on every individual’s needs, goals, and general approach to fitness. Below is an overview of both sides of this debate to outline some of the key advantages and disadvantages involved with hiring a personal trainer.

Two primary advantages that a personal trainer brings to the table are motivation and expertise. A personal trainer is taught how to motivate and challenge his or her clients. These skills foster a workout environment that can be very beneficial for individuals who struggle to find motivation when working out alone. A personal trainer also provides clients with proper workout technique training. This is extremely important for beginners who want to get involved with any form of intense muscular fitness.

A trainer’s expertise and knowledge is invaluable for knowing how choose the right exercises, picking set duration, and scheduling workouts. This expertise is also very important for advanced clients who have hit a plateau and cannot progress. Trainers are a great option in situations like these as their job is to challenge clients and come up with new exercises that ensure clients get the most out of each workout. Most personal trainers will also be able to offer advice regarding proper nutrition and dietary plans.

Personal trainers are paid professionals and each has a different method or area of expertise. For example, some trainers work as in-home fitness advisors that will come to your house with basic workout equipment or rely on you to provide home fitness equipment to supplement any and all workouts. Other personal trainers are hired by gym clubs and offer services in addition to a gym membership, but any trainer you choose should be licensed by an accredited body and should be insured.

While it sounds like you can’t go wrong with a personal trainer, there are some disadvantages associated with their services. The first major disadvantage is cost. Personal trainers can cost as little as $40 dollars an hour and all the way up to $130 or more depending on the client’s needs, trainer’s background, workout location, and travel distance. This can become a risky investment as many personal trainers are not licensed and may end up providing clients with improper or unsafe exercise information. This can be avoided if time is taken to research the individual you decide to hire. Along with the disadvantage of trainer fees, clients are also responsible for providing access to fitness equipment and a suitable workout location.

Your workout goals and needs will determine your workout location and choice of equipment. Most personal trainers will be willing to work with whatever at-home fitness equipment you may have or they may be able to provide some basic equipment. Keep in mind your workouts are then limited by your investment in a gym membership or home fitness equipment. This is where many individuals come to find that purchasing home fitness equipment actually makes more sense over hiring a personal trainer. If the motivation to get to the gym is hard to come by and personal trainers are too expensive, consider buying a piece of home fitness equipment. This cuts out a personal trainer’s costly motivation and the high price of a gym membership.

It is still hard to say whether a personal trainer is worth the money and effort because it really depends on whether it’s worth it to you. Personal trainers often work very well for beginners who desire initial motivation and technique training. They can also be helpful for advanced individuals who have reached a workout progress plateau. However, individuals who are highly self-motivated may choose to skip the personal trainer and instead purchase some in-home fitness equipment to advance their workout routines without the added costs.


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