Healthy Halloween Tips

Halloween is a spectacular holiday, but it is full of dense, sugary, creations designed to make you want more. It is ok to step outside your normal health guidelines on this holiday, however it is important to not take your exceptions too far. Staying on track for Halloween will help you stay on track for the rest of the holiday season as well. It is very hard for parents and adults to resist the delicious treats and even harder to limit how much candy your children will eat. We hope to provide you with some helpful tips on how to keep Halloween healthy and fun for everyone.


Find Candy Alternatives

If you plan on handing out treats on Halloween consider some alternatives to sugar-rich candy. Handing out non-food options such as stickers, small party favors, little toys, or other non-candy items are a healthy way to keep Halloween fun while cutting down on some of the sugar intake. Also, having less candy in the house before and after Halloween will help keep your own temptations at bay.

If you plan to host an adult Halloween party, consider some healthy snack alternatives. Instead of filling every bowl with a sweet treat, only fill a few with candy and fill the rest with pretzels, chips, fruits, vegetables, or other savory hors d’oeuvres. This will keep the party fun and full of delicious treats with healthy options available.


Control Your Candy Intake

When it comes to regulating how much candy you are eating it can be difficult to resist if there is candy overflowing through your home. One way to avoid this temptation is to buy candy on Halloween day only. This way, the candy won’t be a constant temptation for weeks prior to Halloween. When it comes to controlling how much candy your children eat, one system that usually works well is to limit the number of pieces they can have each day. This method works well because it helps to avoid mood swings, energy spikes, and stomach aches that can result from overindulging.


Halloween is Not Just About Candy

Halloween is a great Holiday full of fun activities. There are a number of organizations that put on haunted hay rides, haunted houses, and other fun events. Consider heading out to one of these events and then head out trick-or-treating. This can add a great experience to you Halloween plans and will limit the amount of time spent trick-or-treating which means less candy. Also, don’t forget the all-important pumpkin carving. This can be a very fun activity that does not involve intense sugar intake.


Halloween Marks the Beginning of Holiday Temptation

The Holiday season is the hardest time of year to keep that perfect body and healthy lifestyle. We are constantly surrounded by delicious treats and huge feasts. Look at Halloween as your first challenge that kicks off the holiday season. Use Halloween as a gauge to judge where your pitfalls may be and start thinking of strategies to change your approach. When it comes to exercise consider the onset of winter weather and start adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate indoor exercise. Push yourself to continue filling the house with healthy foods and continue to limit the number of holiday sweets that can so easily start filling up the cabinets and shelves.


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