Happy Father’s Day from Smooth Fitness!

Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes plenty of cookouts, vacations and holidays. Don’t look now, but Father’s Day is already coming up this Sunday, so it’s time to start thinking about how to express your appreciation if you haven’t already done so!

Feeling panicked? Don’t worry. The team here at Smooth Fitness, your #1 internet retailer of home fitness equipment, has plenty of unique ideas for how to show your love this Father’s Day. Whether your own dad is young or old, fit or fat, there’s no better way to prove you care than giving the gift of health. Read on to find the best gift ideas for every kind of father!

For the lean, mean running machine: if your dad is already as fit as they come, it might seem impossible to find fitness accessories that could add to his workout. After all, he already knows how to exercise at home, and what could you get for the guy who already has the best treadmill?

Well, even the most in-shape runner needs an upgrade every now and then. Whether the programs are getting too easy or boring or the belt is slowly wearing down, if he’s been running on it for years, it might not actually deserve that “best treadmill” title anymore. To help him maintain that stellar health, check out our selection of Smooth treadmills and see if your dad couldn’t use a bigger belt or a set of more challenging fitness programs.

For the sports fanatic: you might think the world’s biggest sports fan would be a natural at home exercise, but you might be wrong. If he’s more worried about catching the game than he is about playing it, dad might be falling prey to a more sedentary lifestyle than he’d like. If your kids can’t get him to shoot some hoops in the backyard or help out with Little League coaching, try a different approach.

Most sport fanatics are easily bored with long stretches of cardio like what you might get from a Smooth elliptical machine, so this dad will want to mix it up with some less traditional fitness accessories. Try kettle bells or pushup weights to spice up the daily grind, or consider our comprehensive Aerosling Elite Bodyweight Trainer for an exciting challenge.

For the couch potato: let’s face it – some dads simply have no idea how to exercise at home. If you’re more likely to see pops lounging in his recliner in front of the TV rather than sweating it out in the home gym, it might be time to give him a little nudge in the right direction.

“Nudge” is the key word here; couch potatoes aren’t accustomed to regular exercise, so they’ll need to start out slow. A great way to begin is any of our Smooth elliptical machines, which offer a low-impact workout that can get dad’s heart pumping without pushing him too hard. And since he’s not quite sure how cardio is supposed to feel, throw in a heart rate monitor so he always knows when he’s in his fat-burning zone.

No matter what kind of dad you have, and no matter what kind of fitness equipment might suit him best, we here at Smooth Fitness hope you do a little something to show your dad how much you love him this Sunday. We appreciate everything our dads have done for us, and we wish all of our readers a very happy and healthy Father’s Day!

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