Giving a Treadmill as a Gift – Is it a good Idea?

When you’re making your holiday gift list, you might consider giving a treadmill, or some other piece of exercise equipment to the fitness fanatic in your life. But then you may second guess yourself. Is that really a good gift? What if it’s sort of like giving a woman an iron or a vacuum cleaner? Buying a treadmill is a bigger undertaking than just buying someone a book or perfume, so you want to make sure you get it right. Just how do you choose a treadmill for someone? Don’t worry. There are simple ways to answer those questions, and to select the best treadmill so the entire gift-giving experience is a success all the way around.

Is a treadmill a good gift?

Just like any gift, it depends on whom you’re giving it to. There are several things to take into consideration. If the intended recipient already has a treadmill, but it’s old and needs to be replaced, it’s a no-brainer. They’ll love an updated version. This also means they probably already have space in their home dedicated to it, so a new treadmill won’t require any room rearranging.

If you want to give a treadmill to someone who doesn’t already have one, ask yourself a few questions. Do they have the space for it in their home? If space is limited, consider a folding treadmill. Have they ever mentioned wanting one, or complained about having to go to the gym to run? Get guidance from others close to this person, such as a spouse or other friends. Make sure the gift recipient won’t see a treadmill as some sort of unwanted hint that they need to lose weight or get in shape. Finally, the best way to know is to ask. Sure, it ruins the surprise, but this way you’ll be positive that the gift is wanted before you make a big purchase.

How to choose a treadmill

If the intended recipient hasn’t given you a specific brand and model, you may have to use some other information to determine the best treadmill to buy for them. This is where a treadmill buying guide will come in very handy. It will ask for information such as experience level, how many people will be using it, and even what your budget it. It will then make specific suggestions based on the information you provide.

To get the best treadmill recommendation, you’ll also need a little information about the person you intend to give the treadmill to. This can get tricky if you’re trying to plan a surprise gift. If you don’t know the person’s height and weight, try asking their spouse or someone else close to them. Or try to sneak a peek at their driver’s license. Just remember that most people lie on their driver’s licenses!

How to afford a treadmill

All equipment—fitness, electronic, tools—offers several grades to choose from. Treadmills start with basic models that simply provide a running surface, and maybe a few gauges to monitor distance and speed, to top-of-the-line models you find in gyms that come with all the bells and whistles. There’s something to fit every budget.

In addition, if you’d rather not pay a large amount all at once, you can always finance the purchase, and spread the payments out over a longer period of time. This makes it easier to afford, and you don’t have to wait while you save up the entire purchase amount. Also, look for treadmills on sale, treadmills on clearance, or what is called open-box, which means the treadmill was bought by someone and then returned. Good retailers will open the box to examine the treadmill and make sure all the parts are present, and that there’s been no damage. They should also test it to make sure it’s in good working order, and they should still offer you a full warranty. Don’t accept anything less.

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