Fitness Gift Ideas

Give the gift of fitness this holiday season!

Fitness Gifts Under $100

Kettle Bells: A kettle bell is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment. It can benefit any person who is looking to tone problem areas or can be used to increase the intensity of aerobic routines.
Resistance Bands: Resistance bands can be used to add intensity to any strength exercise. They make fitness accessible anywhere because they are easy to transport. These useful fitness tools can also be used to increase the intensity of aerobic routines.
Stability Ball: Exercise stability balls are a very popular exercise tool. They can be used for many purposes. Some uses include increasing the difficulty level of abdominal workouts and providing an unstable surface to incorporate more core muscles when performing kettle bell exercises.
Push Up Bars: Help develop upper body strength with push up bars. Push Up bars provide a great range of motion with on the go convenience.

Fitness Gifts Over $100

Elliptical Machine: Elliptical training machines are some of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment. They provide the benefit of aerobic exercise coupled with exercise motions that tone all major muscle groups. The low impact motion allows for intense exercise without joint impact.
Treadmill: Treadmills have always been extremely popular gifts for runners in your household. Treadmills are very effective for aerobic fitness training as well as weight bearing exercise.
Exercise Bike: Exercise bikes provide a convenient, low impact cardio workout. They are easy to use and have proven to be effective at raising the heart rate, developing cardiovascular fitness, and burning calories while limiting the impact on knees and leg joints.
Home Gym: This gift will provide all of the benefits associated with purchasing a barbell set alone, but will also provide more exercise variations.

For tips on selecting the right elliptical trainer, treadmill, exercise bike or home gym, please take a look at our elliptical buying guide, treadmill buying guide, exercise bike buying guide and home gym buying guide.

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