Fitness Clothing for the Winter

Winter ClothingWhen it’s cold outside, you might think you need to get bundled up in warm, heavy clothing before taking off for that morning run or walk.  Au contraire! Yes, you should wear adequate clothing to protect your body from the elements.  However, fitness clothing for the winter need not be so heavy that it feels confining and causes you to sweat excessively. 

The best rule of thumb to remember when dressing for winter fitness is to wear layers of lightweight garments. Choose shirts and pants made from synthetic materials that “wick” moisture and keep the perspiration away from your skin to ensure that you stay warm and dry. (Polar fleece and polypropylene are such materials.) 

Remember that the extremities are exposed more directly to the wind and cold and are therefore at higher risk of frostbite than the torso. For this reason, it is important to protect your head, nose, ears, and hands. A hat or hood that covers the head, ears, and face is recommended for extremely cold climates, although an earband may be sufficient in milder areas. (Covering the head helps to prevent the escape of body heat.) 

Gloves are also an essential part of your winter fitness wardrobe. You certainly wouldn’t want to lose any fingers due to frostbite! And don’t forget about your feet, either. Wearing waterproof shoes will help to keep your feet warm and dry as you make your way through the slush and snow.

Add a waterproof windbreaker for protection from the winter elements and you’re ready to go. If you happen to get too warm during your exercise, simply remove a layer of clothing.

More tips on how to dress for success during your winter workouts can be found here.

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