Exercise: The Fountain of Youth?

For ages, mankind has searched for the Fountain of Youth.  What we didn’t realize, perhaps, was that the Fountain of Youth was right here within our grasp all along.  This fountain does not consist of flowing water.  It originates, instead, with routine, high-energy exercise.  Not only can such activities help us to stay more youthful, it can turn back the hands of time.  That’s right!  Exercise can actually slow down the aging process and even make your body younger if you exercise often enough and hard enough.  (This means you have to consistently work up a good sweat and raise your heart rate during workout sessions.)  Research has shown that individuals who exercise vigorously for at least three hours each week typically have younger DNA than couch potatoes in the same age group.  The younger DNA is healthier and better able to ward off age-related diseases, such as high blood pressure, certain cancers, heart disease, and dementia.  With this kind of news, why would anyone want to just sit around and grow old?  If you want to look younger, feel younger, have younger DNA, and possibly live longer as well, stop searching for that mythical Fountain of Youth.  Get active and start turning back the clock.

By: Pat Croce
Pat Croce graced the cover of Success magazine as the first person to ascend from the training room to the boardroom of a professional sports team. His remarkable success as a physical therapist and pioneer in the sports medicine field to the colorful leader responsible for the resurrection of the Philadelphia 76ers as a NBA championship contender has been defined as one of the most amazing stories in sports history.

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