Control Post Workout Cravings

Does the desire to eat ever become greater, or even uncontrollable after a workout? The truth is most people do have this urge, because it’s a natural process your body goes through. But you should know where these urges come from before for you try to control them.

During and shortly after a workout, hunger is naturally suppressed. However, later that same day, the hunger hormones in your body increase, and at the same time, the satiety hormones that let you know you’re full decrease. This is your body telling you to replace the energy you used up earlier in your workout. This effect is stronger in women. Another reason for post workout cravings can be the lack of hydration during and after a workout. The brain often gets thirst signals confused with hunger signals. A well hydrated workout can help reduce the urge to eat.

“But isn’t it O.K to eat whatever I want after I’ve workout?” That philosophy might let you down. It only takes a few minutes to eat the calories you’ve burned in an hour of working out. So what can be done about such cravings? Start with eating fewer calories than you’ve worked off, like a light, healthy snack. Some snacks that really combat hunger well are:

Fruit Smoothies (yoghurt based)

When choosing a snack after working out, you want to look for fiber to combat your craving, and protein to build muscle. Remember that nutrition (energy), and exercise (using energy), go hand in hand and are equally important for a healthy life style.

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