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Controlling Thanksgiving Dinner Calories

Obesity will soon surpass cigarette smoke as a leading cause of death in the United States, where 30 percent of adults are currently obese. The only answers to this are to eat less junk food, eat more healthy food, and get regular exercise. But as Thanksgiving approaches, it can be very easy to overeat. You shouldn’t deny yourself any holiday treats. That can just set you up for a binge later when you give in to the temptation. The key is to control your portions. A typical Thanksgiving dinner comprised of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and other traditional foods, and then finished off with a slice of pumpkin pie can add up to more than 1,600 calories. That’s an entire day’s allowance for many people, and it would take more than three hours on a treadmill to burn it all off!

This diagram shows the recommended serving sizes of the most common Thanksgiving foods, average Thanksgiving dinner calories, and the amount of time it would take to counteract them on a treadmill or elliptical trainer. The fact is, most people will eat much more than these standard servings. How much of these Thanksgiving foods do you usually eat?

Click to view the Thanksgiving Dinner Calories Infographic

Click to view the Thanksgiving Dinner Calories infographic.

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Great Holiday Fitness Gift Ideas

The holiday season is here!  As many shoppers search their minds for unique gifts, very often the gift of fitness is on the list.  When I give fitness gifts, I focus on gifts that are versatile and will be utilized.  Refer to the list below for some great fitness gift ideas that will be useful to anyone on your list.  The list groups the gifts according to price and includes an explanation of their benefit and versatility.

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How much exercise is necessary to burn off those irresistible holiday treats?

It is holiday time and the average holiday weight gain is claimed to be 5 pounds or more between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent holiday weight gain?


The most important thing to avoid holiday weight gain is educating yourself. You must know the impact of the foods you are eating. It is very dangerous to haphazardly eat anything in front of you and if you do, you should expect to gain weight. On the other hand, if you go into the holiday season armed with the knowledge of how many calories are in some of the most popular holiday foods as well as how long it will take to burn off those calories you can work to avoid gaining weight over the winter holidays.

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