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Temptation Strikes: Strategies to Boost your Willpower

Willpower can be a limited resource when it comes to diet and exercise. Every person struggles with willpower in some capacity. Temptations are around every corner and the ability to make the right choices directly correlates to the strength of an individual’s willpower. But willpower is not static. With the use of some simple strategies willpower can be improved, strengthened and used to achieve fitness goals and overcome dietary obstacles.
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Quick Tips for Marathon Training

Checking off things on our bucket list feels great, but running an entire 26.2 miles can be a feat. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, keep reading to gain tips on preparing for your goal marathon.


  • Start out with Walk/Runs. Set a distance and start the workout by walking twice as long as your running sets. Gradually increase the running distance and the ratio of running to walking as you get more comfortable.
  • Prior to training for your marathon, you have to be in decent shape. Get comfortable with running at least 25 miles a week for at least 6 months.
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A Beginners Guide to Motivation

Is getting motivated really that easy?

Why yes it is that easy. Let’s hope that motivates you to keep reading.

Get psyched!
The first step, which may be the hardest, is making the decision to get up and work out. Telling yourself that you will work out creates a positive chain of reactions that will shape the rest of your life. Making the decision to work out will prompt you change other aspects about your life like eating better foods, taking your health seriously and omitting bad habits like smoking cigarettes.

Getting psyched also involves passion. That inner fire to do better for yourself will in turn boost confidence and self worth. Self confidence is key to working out because you need to believe in yourself to challenge yourself. Hey, if you need to look in the mirror and say, “I AM SOMEBODY,” go for it. Whatever you feel you need to do to build that confidence is ok, as long as it doesn’t involve hurting someone else.

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Energy Boost for Your Workout

Today we’re on the hunt for good, clean, long lasting energy. In order to have a successful workout on your treadmill or elliptical, meals that are complete with a combination of complex carbohydrates and protein will provide a boost of sustained energy. This combination happens to digest much more slowly and raise blood glucose levels for prolonged periods.

Of course, eating sweets and candy will give you a boost of quick energy, but your body will crash before finish a good warm up. Continue reading to discover foods, which are probably already in your regular diet, that are high in protein and good carbohydrates.

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Tips to Maintain your Fitness Equipment

Now that you’ve ditched your pricey gym membership and invested in some home work out equipment, let’s make sure you get the maximum amount of use out of it. Here are some quick and easy tips that will lengthen the life of your treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes and home gyms.

You probably thought that you only needed to wipe down that elliptical after using it at the gym, but that’s not the case. Regularly wiping down your home equipment with a diluted bleach solution or commercial equipment disinfectant will hinder growth and kill any harmful bacteria taking refuge on your handle bars. Of course disease and bacteria will not grow as fast as in a gym, but it’s nice to keep things clean.

Dust Removal
Dust is not your friend. Over time, dust can damage the gears in your machine. Regularly wiping down your machine with a damp cloth and vacuuming under it will prevent dust from accumulating on the surface and on gears. An equipment mat may also help reduce the dust that may become trapped in your equipment as well.
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The Benefits of a Cycling Bike

Cycling bikes used to be more popular with fitness enthusiasts   before the likes of treadmills and ellipticals came along. Did you know exercise machines similar to today’s exercise bike have been around since the 18th century!? The fact remains, though, that cycling bikes are still a great piece of equipment to have in your home gym.

Cycling bikes, like many things, have changed drastically over the years, and for the better. Cycling bikes, like this one here, are a lot more versatile than you may think,and with a realm of benefits, are the perfect tool for the cyclist in the offseason, or the everyday exerciser.

Aerobic Endurance

We all know cycling has it’s benefit in strengthening our legs, but there is of course an aerobic side of cycling as well. With numerous benefits for your cardiovascular health, starting your own cycling program at home can help strengthen your heart and lung capacity.

Weight Loss

When it comes to cardio equipment and burning calories, cycling bikes may take the cake (which is better than you taking the cake.) Part of the reason is that it can be relatively easy to fall into a rhythm on a cycling bike. The important part is to make sure that rhythm is productive. Many cyclers (the people, not the bikes) follow programs that allow you to burn 500 calories or more in 30-40 minutes.

Muscle Building

We touched on this earlier, and it’s no secret. Cycling is a tried and true way to build muscle strength and stamina. On top of that, one of the best things about cycling (compared to other equipment) is that it is a low-to-non impact exercise. That means less stress on your joints, which will really benefit you in the long run.

Convenience Factor

Of course there are more benefits to owning a cycling bike than just improving your health. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the fact that cycling bikes are super convenient. The V350 cycling bike, for example, comes with integrated transport wheels, and with it’s compact design, doesn’t take up too much space.

If you were hesitant about buying a spinner because you thought they were dated, you were right. Spinning is a tool that’s been used for centuries. No wonder. At the end of the day, it’s still one of the best (and easiest) ways to get a quality workout.

Staying Active Can Help You Prevent the Flu…Who Knew?

We’re well into winter now which is, among other things, prime time flu season. The Center for Disease and Control estimates that anywhere between 5% and 20% of US residents get the flu each year, with more than 200,000 people being hospitalized because of it. Fortunately, there are actions you can take prevent the flu.

There’s the obvious answers: wash your hands, cover you mouth when you cough, and get a flu shot. Of course, people involuntarily (or voluntarily) forget to do these things from time to time. Lucky for us, there are even more ways to help prevent the flu. These tips work great even if you ARE part of the 85% who wash their hands (I know only 85%, isn’t that gross!? ) Anyways… Continue reading

Don’t Let the Cold Weather Hold Back Your Fitness Goals

Fitness Magazine wrote a short article on the fitness blues a few weeks back. In it they touched on a few tips for keeping up your fitness when the weather turns, including doing it for yourself, and staying consistent. While the article focuses on two extreme runners who love running outside (in Alaska) the reality is that many of us hate the cold weather. While we’re still in first month of the year, it’s safe to say there is probably a correlation between cold weather and the downfall of people’s new year’s resolutions. Continue reading

Easy Ways to Kick Start Your Diet

Okay, so we’ve talked about the most common health and fitness New Year’s resolutions, and we’ve talked about guidelines you can use in order to stick to them. Now it’s time to take action. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel on your resolution. For instance, pick something you’ve tried before, but didn’t see all the way through.

Take dieting for example. As one of the most common resolutions out there, there’s no doubt many people have taken multiple stabs at this one, only to find themselves back at square one sooner or later.

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Tackle Popular Health & Fitness New Year’s Resolutions

When it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions, there’s no question that health/fitness goals are always on the top of the list. As we touched on in our last post, lists resources for 13 popular New Year’s resolutions, and six of those resolutions are health or fitness related. Among them:

–       Eat Healthy Food

–       Lose Weight

–       Get Fit

These are really great goals to have in the New Year. These are also very generic goals. Therein lies the problem with these resolutions, or any resolution for that matter. We find comfort in generic goals. Continue reading