Best Tips for In Home Fitness Equipment

In Home Fitness Equipment

A rule of thumb when picking a gym is that it should be a place you pass by every day. However, if you have a gym in your living room with in home fitness equipment, you don’t need to go anywhere. It’s always there for you and ready for that moment when you feel like exerting your muscles, getting your heart rate up and burning calories.

The convenience factor of working out at home is a major draw for anyone who wants to build up their muscle or lose weight. It’s a free membership, and you only have to wipe the sweat off the seat if you want to. Great workouts at home need a few different things to keep things intense and fun. These following tools are great to keep at home for your gym, and you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for them. You can also get them all at Smooth Fitness!

  • The Resistance Band
  • The Kettlebell
  • The Suspension Trainer
  • The Swiss Ball

In Home Fitness Equipment: The Resistance Band

While it may look like a giant rubber band, the resistance band is one of the extraordinary tools that has helped so many celebrities and overweight individuals shed pounds quickly. It’s not like a barbell or dumbbell because it provides constant tension as you lift. You can increase or decrease the intensity of your workouts easily. If you want to add on bulk, the resistance band may not be enough as free weights are still the best, but it’s still a very fast way to gain strength and almost anyone can use them.


In Home Fitness Equipment: The Kettlebell

The kettlebell has gained prominence in a variety of workout videos online. There are so many different ways to use this heavy weighted ball. Originally from Russia, the kettlebell is designed a little differently than dumbbells and barbells. The kettlebell’s center of gravity actually moves as you exercise, which can make it very challenging. Many trainers employ the kettlebell to help build strength and coordination. This weight is also perfect for cardio workouts and intense strength training. Your arms will look amazing after doing just a few exercises per week with a kettlebell.


In Home Fitness Equipment: The Suspension Trainer

If you want to create exercises that truly challenge your body, all you need is the suspension trainer. These handles hook on to anything and allow you to challenge your core muscles. It’s extremely portable and durable, which means that you can bring it with you anywhere.

If you have to go on the road a lot, it’s a highly recommended carry-on. Every truck stop should have some of these to help work out muscles after a long ride. You can hook it to a door or tree and do pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and other exercises with a more intense focus. You will definitely feel the burn on your abs if you use this.


In Home Fitness Equipment: Swiss Ball

Instability workouts allow you to beef up your muscles, train your coordination and make your body move in different ways. The Swiss ball is perfect for this because it’s a challenge to keep your body stable. You constantly have to work. By using the ball as a bench, you can upgrade routine workouts like the chest press or the push-up. It’s also a great tool if you just want to get the ultimate six-pack.

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