Are You Taking These Benefits of Cross-Training For Granted?

Cardio bunnies and bodybuilders alike may be missing out on key health and fitness benefits that can be obtained through cross training workouts. There are many physical benefits that cross training exercises can give you that cardio or strength training alone cannot. Regular full body workouts help you maintain health, balance, and full body fitness. We’ve put together the top five benefits of cross training workouts that you may never have considered:

  1. Avoid repetitive motion injuries. If you’re doing a lot of one type of exercise, you could be sustaining the same physical stresses over time, setting yourself up for repetitive motion injuries. With cross training, you’re constantly changing up the motions your body is performing, so you can avoid these problems.
  2. Keep everything balanced. Your musculoskeletal system is a complex interplay of give and take, push and pull. If you have muscles that are over developed and some that are underdeveloped, that system gets out of whack, and could lead to injuries, pain, and posture problems. Cross training helps avoid this by working out all of your muscle groups instead of just one or two.
  3. Don’t worry about not having the right equipment. It’s easy to put together a comprehensive collection of the fitness accessories and home exercise machines you’ll need to get an effective workout—in fact, Smooth Fitness has everything you need right here.
  4. Stabilize your core. Your core abdominal and back muscles all play key roles in keeping you balanced, giving you the power to swing a tennis racket or score a goal. If you’re only doing cardio, your core is probably underdeveloped. Even if you don’t play a particular sport, a stronger core will help you sit up straight and avoid posture problems later in life.
  5. Flexibility. It’s very easy to fit your cross training workout in around an unpredictable and busy schedule when you’re working with a range of exercises that you can complete with a variety of exercise equipment and fitness accessories.

So there you have it! Have you been taking any of these for granted?


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