A Beginners Guide to Motivation

Is getting motivated really that easy?

Why yes it is that easy. Let’s hope that motivates you to keep reading.

Get psyched!
The first step, which may be the hardest, is making the decision to get up and work out. Telling yourself that you will work out creates a positive chain of reactions that will shape the rest of your life. Making the decision to work out will prompt you change other aspects about your life like eating better foods, taking your health seriously and omitting bad habits like smoking cigarettes.

Getting psyched also involves passion. That inner fire to do better for yourself will in turn boost confidence and self worth. Self confidence is key to working out because you need to believe in yourself to challenge yourself. Hey, if you need to look in the mirror and say, “I AM SOMEBODY,” go for it. Whatever you feel you need to do to build that confidence is ok, as long as it doesn’t involve hurting someone else.

Set Realistic Goals
Ok, if your goal is to look like a model and your carrying the a lot  of weight chances are very slim that it wont happen in a month naturally. Proper goal setting will keep you motivated to be successful. Setting unrealistic goals will make you feel like your not accomplishing anything and working out will seem like a struggle. Pace yourself and if you have to, work with a professional to set long and short term goals

Monitor Your Progress
We all hate the scale, but it will be your best friend. Track your progress to know and understand what’s going on with your body. Seeing steady results will motivate you because you’ll see that your energy is not being wasted. But don’t just track your weight, keep track of your heart rate, BMI, what your eating and what types of exercises you’re doing. This will help you determine exactly what works best for you.

Make it Fun
If your work out becomes boring you’ll never do it. Spice it up by trying something new. Go rock climbing, take a new class at the gym or jog a new trail. Find the joy in working out. When you find it hold onto it, and keep searching for new things that make you smile.

Team up!
Find a work out buddy or group that is on your level. Working with other people will motivate you keep up and challenge yourself because you’re not doing it alone. Creating bonds with your teammates will push you to impress them and never let them down. Creating a team also surrounds you with encouraging people. That encouragement push your farther than expected.

Being healthy is a way of life and working out is just one part it. Start with a few tips from this list to get you going, and you will go far.

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