8 Percenter – How To Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

Another year gone and another year of New Year Resolutions, so what’s the difference between this year and last? Last year most of our resolutions were long gone within a month. What can we do to make this year different, what are tricks of the trade to allow us to ditch that weight, save more money, go back to school or get that dream job? Statistics show that only about 8% of us stick to our resolutions. How can you become an 8 Percenter?1)  Keep your resolutions simple with a short time frame.

Most of us go into our New Year’s Resolution with big ambitions and huge goals, which is good because a year is a long time. The problem with big goals is they seem impossible sometimes.  Lets take some common resolutions and see how we can make them easier. Imagine someone wants to lose 50lbs by the summer, save $8000, and get a new job. After a day in the gym, a couple of days working OT, or a week of sending out resumes with no reply, the goals start to seem unattainable. Now simplifying these goals will make them seem easier. Instead of trying to lose 50 lbs in six months, try losing 8 lbs this month, or better yet 2 lbs this week. Instead of trying to save $8000 this year, try saving $667 this month, or better yet try saving $154 this week. Lastly, in regards to getting your new dream job, make your goal to send out 2 resumes a day, rather than just an open goal of finding your dream job.

2) Use Technology

It seems like everybody has a Smartphone. We all love the apps from Google and Apple, so why not use them to our benefit. There are tons of free apps that can help you track your weight loss, savings, and help you find jobs easier. Many of the free apps for weight loss let you track the amount of calories you have eaten and burned; making it easier to stay on your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Some banking apps let you easily break down your income so you know where your money is going and the easiest way to hit your savings goal.

A great example of an app that can assist you in reaching your goals is the Smooth Fitness mySmooth app. The mySmooth app connects wirelessly to your Smooth Fitness Treadmill and Elliptical and keeps track of your Distance, Time, Pace, Calories burned, Average speed, Heart Rate, etc., over days, weeks, months, and years; all while giving you a virtual outdoor workout experience at the convenience of your home treadmill.

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